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TIMING                                           FOOD                                                    DO’s                                      Donot

  1. Early morning wake up before brush Drink Water at least 1 to 2 liters Drink
  2. After brush Eat sprouts of black dal, Soya Beans, Almonds-2, Date-2 & Drink milk with protein powder.  
  3. Morning Walk min 30 mins
  4. Morning bath cold water
  5. Morning break fast 2 idly or 1 dosa  less oil/ less salt  to eat
  6. Before Noon 1 liter water Drink                    
  7. 12noon to 1PM Lite lunch More vegetable leaves curry  less rice/less masala/ less salt
  8. 1.30PM DIABRU 1 TEASPOON with boiled milk
  9. 3PM Fruits Apple / Jamun / Guava /Pappaya  one plate
  10. 4PM 1liter water Drink
  11. 6pm Dinner  Lightly less rice/less oil/less masala
  12. Night -Stop eating & drinking for the day lite walking at 7pm and 8pm brush and sleep Avoid in between breakfast – Lunch and Dinner snacks, fast foods , vapours, oily samosas, teas , coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, Gutka/Panmasala etc by using Diabru which remove stomach gas ,
    asthma , bladder / kidney stones etc.
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