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Health Tips

Health Tips (YOGA+AYURVEDA=Complete Health)
Writer: P V Narayana cell no: 9703201768,

  1. PARKINSON (PARKINBRU), Constipation(CONSTIBRU), Memory Control (Membru), BP (Stresbru) ,  Energy Maintenance (Energbru), Weightlossbru, fevercoldbru and STOMACH GAS,DIGESTION,  LIVER , JAUNDICE, DIABETIC / CANCER PROBLEMS USE DIABRU one small spoon after lunch. Diabru contains Brahmi , Aswagandha (Vitamins), Gudmar, Bel Leaves, Jamun Beej, Shilajit, Kutki,Triphala  etc Anti Diabetic and Anti Cancer Ayurvedic medicine without any side effects. It is a disease preventive medicine and gives Stamina and maintain weight and reduce overweight problems, and you can use Diabru to control hungry which in turn control Blood Sugar.
  2. Do brisk walking min 30 minutes daily,30 min Pranayam like Kapalbath, ohm / belom, Surya Namaskar and vajrasan etc  Total min 60 min it is excellent for heart , BP , Diabetic, Cancer problems etc.
  3. Non Vegetarians Eat about 80gms of Chicken or Fish or Egg without yellow alternate days  eat Vegetable leaves , Dal, Soya beans, Almond-2 , Date - 2. It is a nutrition Protein food good for health and build metabolism to maintain stamina and good health.,
  4. Clean hands before food.
    Do not Eat Mutton , Fork , Beef can create Psoriasys, cancer, skin diseases.
  5. Vegetarians: Eat min 100gms daily Vegetable leaves , Dal, Soya beans, sprouts of black dal, Soya beans, Almonds-2, Date-2  etc.
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