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Over 25% of the population in the country, have at least one chronic disease like diabetes. Cause for all these diseases is due to busy life style and improper diet. Among the most common chronic disorder is the Diabetes which caused by the lack of physical activity, eating fast foods, stress, drinking alcohol, cigarette smoking, too much fatty oils, too much salty foods etc.

Diabetes if not under control, after a period of time increases risk for many health problems.

The Diabetic complications such as
1) Diabetic Retinopathy-Retinal damage happens gradually. High sugar level and BP for long time can damage blood vessel.
2)Diabetic foot – High sugar level for long time causes nerve damage and poor blood flow.
3)Diabetic Neuropathy- lack of sensation in hands and legs.
4)Kidney problems
5)Heart problems

Maintaining sugar levels ,blood pressure and cholesterol will reduce the risk of heart disease.

High sugar levels along with high blood pressure will increase the risk of kidney disease.

Diabetes can be controlled better with support of ayurvedic medicines

Many people with diabetes are able to prevent or delay the onset of diabetic complications with the help of ayurvedic medicines like DIABRU.

Diabru is a complete ayurvedic natural product without any side effects.

Diabru along with controlling sugar levels also acts as energy booster and prevents the diabetic complications.

DIABRU is a registered trade mark, introduced by NARAYANA AYUR PHARMA & Clinic.

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