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Narayana Ayurpharma manufactures quality herbal mineral products. A strong focus on quality, several quality circles and special quality circles and special project teams working on total quality management projects make quality a way of life at Narayana Ayurpharma. This enables Narayana Ayurpharma Limited to produce mineral herbal preparations with consistent consistency levels from batch to batch.

Our Ayurveda Specialist & Consultant

P. V. Narayana

Ayurveda Specialist, Practitioner, Consultant & Founder - Narayana Ayurpharma

We Narayana ayur pharma has started R & D in the month of April 2010 to cure Sugar, B.P and Obessity . Nerves shaking and Brian . Prostate diseases, etc and applied on senior citizens successfully. First started making ayurveda medicines in the year 2012 with the approval of ayush department. We got GMP and ISO approvals for manufacting medicines. We started consulting patients in the year on Ayurveda and Yoga 2015 onwards successfully.
We started treating patients also in Sidda. Naturopathy and Alopathy in the year 2018 onwards successfully. We have acheived good results on reducing Sugar, B.P and Obessity.

Narayana clinic specialises Diabetes, Blood Pressure and Obessity in multiple disciplines of Ayurveda. Naturopathy. Yoga, Sidda and Alopathy in one location and it is planning to have branches in multiple cities.

Narayana Ayurpharma Clinic