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If you wish to see a Narayana Ayur doctor personally to take care of your health problem, Narayana Ayur operates a chain of outpatient clinics in complete Hyderabad presently which will be extended throughout the country.
Narayana Ayur Ayurveda Clinics are modern centers of wellness situated at strategic locations throughout the country. They are run by senior Ayurvedic doctors and a well-trained staff. Some of the clinics are also well equipped to provide Panchakarma therapies.

Treatment at Narayana Ayur Clinics:
At a Narayana Ayur Clinic, you may consult an Ayurvedic physician with prior appointment. During such a meeting, the doctor goes for an in-depth, one-to-one consultation to understand your health problem. The doctor analyses your symptoms record your medical history checks your medical reports and makes a detailed investigation. After a proper diagnosis is reached, the doctor will inform you about the possible course of treatment for your health problem. The Narayana Ayur doctor will also explain why a particular course of treatment has been advised to you. Apart from medications, you will be provided with dietary and lifestyle advice to make the treatment more effective and to achieve the expected results.

Prescription of Medicines:
If you want to undergo treatment with Narayana Ayur, then the doctor will instruct the pharmacy to provide you with the medicines prescribed for your problem. You will be provided with the medicines at the clinic and you don’t need to go anywhere to buy them.

The Follow-up: 
A few days after the consultation, a patient care executive of Narayana Ayur will get in touch with you to inquire about your condition. He/ She will confirm whether you are taking the medicines regularly and following the food
and lifestyle as instructed. At this stage, you can also voice your concerns regarding your state of health, or if you are facing any problem following the diet and lifestyle plans. If you have any type of problem that needs the doctor’s attention, the NAP executive intimates the doctor about the same who will immediately get in touch with you. You may have to visit the clinic again for a personal consultation if the doctor thinks so.

If the treatment is progressing as expected and the patient has no concerns, the representative arranges the patient’s next meeting with the doctor for a follow-up consultation. Such follow-up consultations take place periodically until complete recovery is achieved.