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TIMING                                           FOOD                                                    DO’s                                      Donot

  1. Early morning wake up before brush Drink Water at least 1 to 2 liters Drink
  2. After brush Eat sprouts of black dal, Soya Beans, Almonds-2, Date-2 & Drink milk with protein powder.
  3. Morning Walk min 30 mins
  4. Morning bath cold water
  5. Morning break fast 2 idly or 1 dosa  less oil/ less salt  to eat
  6. Before Noon 1 liter water Drink
  7. 12noon to 1PM Lite lunch More vegetable leaves curry  less rice/less masala/ less salt
  8. 1.30PM DIABRU 1 TEASPOON with boiled milk
  9. 3PM Fruits Apple / Jamun / Guava /Pappaya  one plate
  10. 4PM 1liter water Drink
  11. 6pm Dinner  Lightly less rice/less oil/less masala
  12. Night -Stop eating & drinking for the day lite walking at 7pm and 8pm brush and sleep Avoid in between breakfast – Lunch and Dinner snacks, fast foods , vapours, oily samosas, teas , coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, Gutka/Panmasala etc by using Diabru which remove stomach gas ,
    asthma , bladder / kidney stones etc.


  • Most of the Diseases are lack of management of Life style.
  • Diabetes:
    Type 2 patients only who are above 18 years of Age. Stage (A): Preliminary stage below 10 years of disease: Take one Diabru tablet 30 minutes before breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and one tablet kapikachu and Aswagandha tablets after every meal. Stage (B): above 10 years of disease: Take medicines as per stage (A) plus take one tablet one hour after food.
  • Do’s & Do not’s
    Daily Food Management (Diet): Take timely food with less quantity carbohydrate like unpolished unbroken Rice, whole wheat etc and more of vegetables only grown above land not under the earth and more of leaf curries with less oil, less salt, less sugar and no masalas and no fatty foods . Eat more fruits which are sweet less. Daily Exercise regularly: min one hour pranayam / yoga, swim, brisk walking, swimming, cycling etc Daily drink min 10 glasses of water early morning, before breakfast / Lunch / Dinner etc. Preferably take one teaspoon Diabru powder with one teaspoon Stevia powder boiled with half glass water twice a day after food. Take more of proteins like sprouts with fruits or onions as breakfast and evening snacks avoid carbohydrate foods like idly / dosa / coffee / tea etc instead take less sweet fruit salads or juices. Avoid fatty processed high calorie fast foods like cakes, pizza etc and cool drinks Tests: Check sugar fasting reading between 70 to 110 mg and 2 hours after post lunch below 170mg. Check lipid profile once in 3 months should be within limits Hyper Tension / High BP reading above 130/80
  • Take one Stress Bru 500mg capsule after breakfast if not under control take one in the evening after dinner. One tablet kapikachu and Aswagandha tablets after every meal. If Hyper Tension above 150/90 take 1000 mg instead of 500mg. Food controls: Reduce salt to maintain 120/80 Exercise: brisk walking and breathing exercises for min one hour daily will help to maintain the BP at proper values. Speak less; take proper rest / sleep etc early in the night.


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