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Multi-level Marketing Department (Rules & Regulations)
Salary starts from Rs.13, 000.
Increase monthly performance.
No private business.
Purely dedicate to our business.

Months Salary Target Incentives
1 Rs.13,000 Rs.2,00,000 Rs.5,000
2 Rs.18,000 Rs.4,00,000 Rs.5,000
3 Rs.23,000 Rs.6,00,000 Rs.5,000
4 Rs.28,000 Rs.8,00,000 Rs.5,000
5 Rs.33,000 Rs.10,00,000 Rs.5,000

Continue same salary but monthly incentive is 5% of Direct Profit.
Yearly bonus depends on yearly profit.

1. Daily minimum 8 to 10 hours should spend on our business.
2. If any private business or any private calls, it will break our appointment.
3. Only 2 level MLM business development initially until we satisfy the program
4. He should not be in the scheme he should manage only as team leader
5. Word of mouth should be done, not advertising on news papers etc…
6. Business can be performed through social network
7. Educating the member about our medicine, food habits, exercice, water program, reduction of use of carbohydrates like rice, salt, oil, masala etc., processed food like ice-cream, cakes, pizza etc.
8. If target breaks continually more than twice the employment breaks.